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The Power of Giving

Fundraising For a Brighter Future

Fundraising for the future is the key to unlocking endless possibilities and ensuring a brighter tomorrow. By investing in innovative ideas, cutting-edge research, and transformative initiatives, we pave the way for progress and prosperity. Together, let's harness the power of collective generosity to shape a world where ideas become realities, challenges are overcome, and future generations thrive in a realm of boundless opportunities.

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38%  of smaller nonprofits host 2 to 5 events every year, and 56% of worldwide donors regularly attend fundraising events. 

Corporate philanthropy continues to make a substantial impact. In the U.S., corporate giving has increased by 13.4% to reach an estimated $21 billion.

Peer-to-peer fundraising events have become increasingly popular. In recent years, peer-to-peer fundraising events generated over $1.2 billion.

In the United States, individual giving accounted for 69% of total charitable giving in 2020, amounting to approximately $324.1 billion.

Recurring donations provide stability and long-term support for organizations. The average monthly recurring donation amount is $52.

30% of annual giving happens in December, with about 10% of all annual donations coming in the last three days of the year.

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Fundraising for a
Stronger Community

Embrace every opportunity to gather with loved ones and revel in the joy of giving back through fundraising!

Whether it's a gala, a charity event, or a festive gathering, our team can create unforgettable moments while meaningfully impacting the lives of those in need. Seize every chance to host a charity event, and let the spirit of generosity guide you toward a brighter future.

Host your charity event in one of our venues and create a powerful giving force. Together, let's rally for a good cause and support our charities through an unforgettable event!

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Event With Purpose:

Hosting a Successful Fundraising or Charity Event

Hosting a charity or fundraising can be an exciting way to support your chosen cause and impact the lives of those you help. It is essential to put thought and careful planning into each aspect to create a successful event and make sure your message is conveyed. Here are some tips on how to host a charity or fundraising.

  • When choosing a venue, there are many great options depending on the nature and scale of the event. A local estate or winery could provide an intimate atmosphere for small, private fundraisers. Ballrooms, gardens, or estates are ideal locations for larger events, where you can either host an event inside or outdoors in the garden area. Other potential venue options include libraries, shopping centers, community centers, and banquet halls.
  • You will also need to decide on the details, such as decorations, entertainment, menu, and audio and visual needs. For décor, create an atmosphere that complements your theme while ensuring your message is still the event's focus. Music, games, auctions, and raffles are great entertainment ideas your guests will surely enjoy. For a memorable meal, hire a venue that provides award-winning in-house catering. 
  • The event should be organized and monitored, from the timing of each event element to crowd control to ensuring donations are collected correctly.  Ensure you have permits and the right licenses for selling items and holding auctions.
  • Evaluate the event afterward. Ask for guest feedback and assess the data from your donations and budget. Use this data to improve future events and celebrate all your achievements. With careful planning and creativity, hosting a charity or fundraising event can be an advantageous and inspiring experience for you and your guests.
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The Power of Generosity:

How Hosting Fundraising or Charity Events Can Make a Difference

Fundraising and charity events are vital in supporting your community and providing substantial assistance to those in need. Here are five reasons why these events are so important:
  1. Uniting for Impact: Fundraising and charity events unite people from diverse backgrounds to create real, positive change for the less fortunate. Whether it's a community walk or run, people of all ages can collaborate to raise funds for local shelters, amplifying their impact through collective action.

  2. Global Solidarity: Many fundraising and charity events focus globally, allowing us to demonstrate solidarity with individuals in distant lands. From fundraisers for worldwide medical aid to marathons supporting water wells, these events offer tangible ways to help citizens of other nations.

  3. Personal Impact: Fundraising and charity events provide excellent opportunities to make a personal difference in our neighborhoods. By sponsoring toy drives for underprivileged youth or contributing to scholarships for promising students, we bring hope and positivity to our local area.

  4. Support for Local Businesses: Fundraising and charity events often benefit smaller local businesses, fostering mutual investment and support within communities.

  5. Igniting Innovation: Fundraising and charity events allow ideas to flourish. They encourage creative problem-solving and nurture optimism for change, sparking innovative approaches to tackle broader social issues.
Fundraising and charity events are integral to our society, delivering tangible aid and fostering innovative thinking. By uniting people from all walks of life and inspiring a shared sense of progress, you can make significant strides in addressing social challenges worldwide.
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Spreading the Love:

Creative Ways to Promote Your Fundraising or Charity Event

Promoting your fundraising event is crucial for raising money and ensuring its success. Effective strategies and tactics can help you spread the word and drive donations. Consider the following approaches:

  • Social Media: Utilize unpaid Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram promotions to connect with your audience and share event details. Engage followers through compelling content, including images and videos. Additionally, paid advertising can expand your reach and raise awareness among potential donors.
  • Email Campaigns: Reach out to your supporters through targeted email campaigns, providing updates and motivating them to promote your event. Automation workflows can help build relationships with donors and encourage contributions.
  • Word of Mouth: Encourage volunteers and team members to share their experiences with family and friends, leveraging the power of word of mouth. Create shareable content, such as videos and graphics, to support your fundraising message.
  • Event Registrations: Use event registrations to track potential donors, gather feedback, and encourage participation. Leverage data-driven insights to target your audience effectively.
  • Online Ads: Utilize online ads to expand your message's reach, attract potential donors, and promote special deals related to your fundraising event. Track and analyze campaign results to assess success.
By implementing a strategic promotional plan that combines unpaid and paid promotions, you can enhance your organization's visibility and maximize donations.
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Creative Theme:

Ideas to Elevate Your Charity Event

Organizing a fundraiser or charity event is a great way to support a cause you believe in. It can also be a fantastic way to come together and enjoy an evening full of food, fun, and fundraising for an incredible cause. When planning a fundraiser or charity event, there are many themes and ideas to consider to ensure the event's success.

A popular and classic idea for fundraising is hosting a dinner. With this idea, the attendees can enjoy a delicious dinner while contributing to a meaningful cause. The fundraiser dinner could be hosted at a restaurant, hall, or someone's home. Dinner could also be hosted outside, offering delicious grilling favorites or a farm-to-table dinner. An outdoor dinner could also have added fun elements like a bonfire or music to enjoy in the summertime.

Elevating the art of fundraising, Wedgewood Events is the impeccable choice for hosting a captivating dinner fundraising event within our exceptional venues. With an illustrious track record and an accomplished, award-winning culinary team, we bring forth a remarkable synergy of expertise and creativity. Our venues serve as the ideal canvases for weaving philanthropy with fine dining, offering an exquisite backdrop to the culinary mastery that unfolds. The fusion of our event management and the culinary team's expertise crafts an experience that satisfies palates and aligns seamlessly with the noble cause you're championing. Through this collaboration, your fundraising journey will transcend expectations, leaving an indelible mark on both hearts and taste buds.

Another fun option is a game night. Not only will the attendees socialize with others while they play their favorite games, but it is a great way to support the cause they are playing for. Game night fundraisers can range from board games, karaoke night, game show night, bingo, casino night, trivia night, and more.

Organizing a yard sale or car wash is another easy idea for raising money for charity. Invite members of your community to come and support the cause by bringing donations and items for sale and spending money at the event. For a car wash fundraiser, invite your neighbors to get their car washed for a donation and recruit volunteers to do the work.

Live auctions can be great ideas for fundraising and charities. Set up your items for auction, such as antiques, jewelry, or artwork. If you want to include luxury items like getaways, consider a silent auction or donation platform to receive additional funding.

A creative way to combine fundraising and charity events is to have a fundraiser carnival. Plan fun carnival-like activities such as face painting, bobbing for apples, bounce houses, cornhole, games, photo booths, a band, or even a cakewalk. People of all ages will enjoy the event, and all proceeds can go towards the cause.

Selling tickets as a means of fundraising for a charity or event holds remarkable significance. Not only does it serve as a financial catalyst, but it also carries the power to unite individuals under a common purpose. By purchasing event tickets, supporters contribute directly to the cause, providing the necessary resources to drive positive change. This method of fundraising not only generates vital funds but also builds a sense of community and participation. Each ticket sold becomes a symbol of commitment, a tangible way for individuals to actively engage and make a difference. Moreover, selling tickets adds an element of inclusivity. It allows people from diverse backgrounds to join the cause, regardless of their financial capacity, to make larger donations. This democratization of giving ensures that the impact is widespread and diverse, as a collective effort propels the cause forward. Selling event tickets transcends mere financial transactions; it becomes a conduit for transforming intent into action, amplifying the ripple effect of benevolence, and making positive change accessible to all.

Whatever you choose for your event, the possibilities for fundraising and charity events are endless. The main focus of your event should always be to raise money for the cause and inspire your community to give back. With some creativity, you can plan and organize an incredible fundraising event that will be sure to make a difference!

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Silent Auctions in:

Fundraising and Charity Events

Silent auctions are an incredible way to fundraise for various causes and charities. A silent charity auction is a fundraising event where attendees bid on items using written bids instead of a live auctioneer. Participants write their bids on sheets next to each item, and the highest bidder at the end of the event wins the item. It provides a discreet and engaging way for participants to support the cause while competing for desired items.

The benefit of silent auctions is that they are an easy way to draw attention to goods or services and bring people together to raise money for charity. The event is a social gathering where people come together and support the cause at hand. Additionally, a silent auction is usually very cost-effective to host.

There are a few ways to run a silent auction. One is the Sealed Bid method, in which all the bidders submit a written bid for each item, and the highest bid wins. In the Live/Incremental Auction method, bids are accepted throughout the event, with an upper limit on how high each item can go. Last is the Fixed-Price Method, which allows bidders to buy the item directly at the specified price listed.

Some examples of items that you can use for a silent auction include works of art, tickets to concerts, travel packages, event packages, gift certificates, jewelry, antiques, and collectibles. To ensure a silent auction is successful, you should set out clear bidding rules and provide adequate advertising. To make the event even more successful, consider offering auction items in packages and/or including auction items that appeal to various interests.

No matter which auction item you select, remember to create an atmosphere of excitement and encourage bidders to place bids to raise funds for the chosen charity. It is also important to create a secure and orderly bidding process so that all participants have a fair and equal opportunity to participate. Take the time to thank all bidders for their generosity and effort to help a worthy cause.

Silent Auction by Wedgewood Weddings

Elevate Engagement and Impact:

How a Silent Auction Transforms Your Charity Gala Experience

Unlock the power of a silent auction, the perfect entertainment and fundraising choice for your charity gala, meticulously crafted by our expert event host. Discover the major benefits that await you on this remarkable journey.

Engaging Entertainment

Delight your guests with an engaging and sophisticated activity. A silent auction adds an element of excitement and intrigue to your charity gala, captivating attendees and creating an enjoyable atmosphere that fosters meaningful connections.

Seamless Organization

As a first-time event organizer, ease your worries with the simplicity of a silent auction. Our expert team will guide you through the process, ensuring smooth coordination and providing all the necessary tools to make your event a success. From bid sheets to item displays, we've got you covered.

Amplified Fundraising

Maximize your fundraising potential with a silent auction. This powerful tool allows guests to contribute to your cause in a meaningful way, bidding on valuable items and experiences. By providing a platform for friendly competition, a silent auction encourages attendees to be generous, helping you raise significant funds for your charitable endeavors.

Diverse Item Selection

Leave a lasting impression with a carefully curated selection of items. From unique experiences to coveted collectibles, our vast array of auction items appeals to a wide range of interests. This diversity ensures there's something for everyone, increasing participation and driving bids higher.

Memorable Guest Experience

Make your charity gala an unforgettable event. A silent auction offers attendees an interactive and immersive experience, allowing them to explore the items, engage in thoughtful bidding, and experience the thrill of winning. It creates lasting memories for your guests while reinforcing their commitment to your cause.

Enhanced Donor Engagement

Foster a deeper connection with your donors. A silent auction provides an opportunity for meaningful interaction and dialogue between attendees and your organization. Guests not only support your cause financially but also become more invested in your mission, creating a stronger foundation for long-term support.

Master the Art of Donation: How to Secure Impressive Goods, Services, and Activities for Your Silent Auction

Unlock the secrets to securing an impressive array of donated goods, services, and activities for your silent auction, guided by our expertise as your trusted event host. Follow these six steps to obtain significant - and desirable - auction items:

Research and Target

Conduct thorough research to identify potential donors aligned with your event's theme and audience. Focus on businesses, individuals, and organizations known for their philanthropic endeavors or connection to your cause. Tailor your outreach to match their interests and values.

Craft a Compelling Proposal

Create a polished and sincere proposal that clearly communicates your event's purpose, the impact of their contribution, and the benefits of participation. Highlight the exposure and recognition donors will receive, appealing to their desire to make a difference and enhance their reputation within the community.

Personalize Outreach

Reach out to potential donors personally through face-to-face meetings, phone calls, or personalized emails. Establish a genuine connection, emphasizing how their contribution will positively impact the community and align with their own values. Clearly outline the logistics of the silent auction and the process for donating items or services.

Showcase the Benefits

Emphasize promotional opportunities for donors, such as logo placement, recognition in event materials, and exposure to a desirable audience. Highlight the tax benefits of their donation, showcasing how their generosity can have both philanthropic and practical advantages.

Follow-Up and Gratitude

After securing donations, express your heartfelt gratitude promptly and personally. Provide clear instructions on how to deliver the items or services and confirm any additional details required for the silent auction. Maintain open communication throughout the process, ensuring a positive donor experience.

Recognize and Celebrate

Publicly acknowledge and celebrate the generosity of your donors during the silent auction event. Display signage or digital screens recognizing their contributions and mention them in speeches or announcements. This recognition not only shows gratitude but also enhances their reputation and encourages future involvement.

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Building Your Guest List:

Who to Invite and How to Maximize Attendance for Your Fundraising and Charity Event

When hosting a charity or fundraising event, you want to ensure you have the right guests to maximize the event's effectiveness. It is important to invite those who can provide financial and emotional support.

When considering who to invite, look to those who already have a deep-seated passion for your charity or cause. They may be people who have given donations, volunteers, and advocates, but you also want to ensure they understand and share the vision of your cause. Invite those with similar causes or affiliations, like church and school organizations or large corporate sponsors, to get the most support. Additionally, local businesses, politicians, and other community organizations are great people to invite and offer crucial financial support.

Donors are often a great option to invite and should be at the top of your list. Individuals and organizations who have previously made generous donations should be invited, as well as people who can bring their philanthropic networks to help further the cause. Celebrities, entrepreneurs, and sports figures are always attention grabbers and excellent for promotion; even a mention on their social media can make a significant impact on getting donations.

Next, it's time to think about community members, the everyday people. Reaching out to those who will benefit from the event should always be included. Families, groups of students, the elderly, veterans, etc., can often benefit significantly from charity or fundraising events and should be invited as much as possible.

Finally, create a buzz with the family and friends of those you've invited and those with the same passions. When newcomers attend with people who are genuinely excited about your event, you create more publicity, giving more exposure to your cause.

Inviting the right guests to your event can be daunting, but if you research and ask for help from your existing networks, you're sure to bring the ideal people to ensure that your event is as successful as possible.

Dress for a fundraising

Dress to Impress:

Unlocking the Ideal Attire for Fundraising Galas and Events

If you've been invited to a charity or fundraising event, you must know what to wear. Such circumstances call for a smart yet casual ensemble while respecting the occasion.

Women should opt for an elegant dress or trousers complemented by classy pumps or heeled sandals. Keep it conservative – so leave the glitzy items at home. A stylish clutch is an ideal accessory, or a soft fabric tote bag will do the trick. Make sure your make-up is tasteful and conservative – opt for muted tones of pink or nude shades on your lips, cheeks, and eyes. Finally, accessorize with minimal jewelry.

Men should wear chinos or well-tailored trousers, with a plain, collared shirt or polo. For more formal events, a light summery jacket could be added. Opt for dress shoes that complement your outfit and bring out your look. Cufflinks and a tie or pocket square are excellent ways to finish your ensemble.

Overall, ensure your outfit is appropriate for the event. Look smart and respectable while, at the same time, making sure you're comfortable and you can move freely throughout the event. Remember, go for muted tones, simple silhouettes, and tasteful accessories when in doubt. Above all, have fun and enjoy the event.

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Golfing for the Cause

A golf tournament is a great option to raise funds for your charity while having people outside enjoy the outdoors and have some fun. Below are some ideas to make your golf tournament fundraiser a success.

-Mulligans. A mulligan is a do-over if a player has a bad shot. You can charge for each mulligan before players start the round and throughout the course.

-Sponsorship. You have 18 holes, and therefore 18 chances, for sponsors! Ask your local community members to sponsor a hole. Your sponsor will pay for the advertising, and in turn, you will provide signage for their business on the hole.

-Hole-in-one contest. You'll want to choose a par three for this contest. Players will pay for a chance at a prize if they score a hole-in-one.

-Rent a caddie. Ask volunteers to caddie, and players will pay for their services. This is a great way to get the community involved as well. 

Wedgewood Weddings Team

Wedgewood Events:

Creating the Ideal Team for Hosting Your Charity Event

Exceptional Facilities and Amenities

When organizing a gala fundraiser, creating the right ambiance is crucial to leave a lasting impression on your guests. Hosting your event at a professional event center offers an unparalleled level of elegance and prestige that sets the stage for an extraordinary experience. In this article, we delve into the first section of the benefits of hosting at a professional event center: the unmatched ambiance that immerses your guests in a world of sophistication.

Impeccable Design and Aesthetics

Professional event centers are meticulously designed to exude style and sophistication. From the moment your guests enter the venue, they are greeted with awe-inspiring architecture, captivating décor, and exquisite detailing. The visually stunning surroundings create an atmosphere that elevates the entire gala, making it an unforgettable affair.

Thoughtfully Crafted Spaces

Event centers offer a range of carefully curated spaces designed to cater to your specific needs. Whether it's an elegant banquet hall, a lush garden, or an intimate lounge area, these versatile spaces can be tailored to accommodate your guest capacity and event requirements. The layout and design of these venues are optimized to ensure optimal flow and enhance the guest experience.

Premium Amenities and Features

Professional event centers go above and beyond to provide top-notch amenities and features. State-of-the-art lighting and sound systems create the perfect ambiance, allowing you to set the mood and captivate your guests. Comfortable seating, spacious dance floors, and high-quality furnishings ensure that every aspect of your gala is marked by luxury and comfort.

Attention to Detail

Event center staff are experts at managing the smallest of details to ensure a flawless experience. From the placement of décor elements to the coordination of table settings, every aspect is meticulously planned and executed. The attention to detail extends to amenities like coat-check services, valet parking, and well-appointed restroom facilities, adding convenience and sophistication to your gala.

Customization Opportunities

Professional event centers offer a range of customizable options to align with your gala's theme and branding. Whether it's personalized lighting effects, projection screens, or digital displays, these venues provide the flexibility to transform spaces and create a unique atmosphere that reflects your organization's identity and resonates with your guests.

Expert Event Management and Support

Organizing a gala fundraiser entails intricate planning and flawless execution. By choosing a professional event center as your venue, you gain access to a team of expert event managers and dedicated staff who are committed to making your event a resounding success. In this article, we delve into section 2 of the benefits of hosting at a professional event center: the exceptional event management and support that ensures a seamless and memorable gala fundraiser.

Professional Event Planners

Professional event centers provide you with seasoned event planners who possess a wealth of knowledge and experience in executing successful galas. These experts work closely with you from the initial planning stages, offering valuable insights, creative ideas, and meticulous attention to detail. They guide you through every step of the process, ensuring your vision is brought to life while managing logistical complexities effortlessly.

On-Site Technical Assistance

Event centers are equipped with on-site technical professionals who specialize in managing audiovisual and technical aspects of your gala. They handle the complexities of sound systems, lighting setups, projection screens, and other technical requirements with ease. Their expertise ensures that your event runs smoothly, and the audiovisual elements contribute to an immersive and impactful experience for your guests.

Dedicated Team

A professional event center is staffed with a team of dedicated professionals who are committed to providing exceptional service. From the moment your guests arrive until the conclusion of the event, the team ensures a seamless and enjoyable experience for everyone. They handle guest registrations, coat-check services, and attend to any special requests, ensuring that your attendees feel valued and well taken care of throughout the gala.

Seamless Coordination

One of the significant advantages of hosting at an event center is the seamless coordination between various teams involved in executing your gala fundraiser. Event planners work hand in hand with the culinary team, technical crew, and venue staff, ensuring cohesive collaboration and efficient communication. This synergy guarantees that all elements of your event align seamlessly, leaving no room for hiccups or delays.

Troubleshooting and Contingency Planning

Despite meticulous planning, unforeseen challenges can arise during any event. However, with a professional event center, you have a dedicated team equipped to handle unexpected situations promptly and effectively. Their ability to troubleshoot issues, adapt to changes, and implement contingency plans ensures that your gala proceeds smoothly, allowing you to focus on engaging with your guests and raising funds for your cause.

Enhanced Guest Experience and Engagement

Professional event centers are renowned for their captivating décor and stunning design. From exquisite floral arrangements to elaborate table settings, the venue's aesthetic is carefully curated to create an atmosphere of elegance and sophistication. Each detail is thoughtfully considered, ensuring that your guests are surrounded by beauty and ambiance that perfectly complements the purpose and theme of your gala.

Our professional event centers boast a team of experienced culinary professionals who excel in creating gourmet cuisine. From delectable appetizers to sumptuous main courses and tantalizing desserts, the culinary offerings are crafted to impress even the most discerning palates. An exceptional dining experience adds a touch of indulgence to your gala, leaving a lasting impression on your guests.

Hosting at a professional event center opens doors to a myriad of entertainment possibilities. From live performances by renowned artists to captivating stage productions and immersive experiences, the venue has the resources to make your gala truly unforgettable. Professional event centers often offer access to top-notch performers, production services, and advanced audiovisual technology that bring your event to life and create memorable moments for your guests.

To drive guest engagement, professional event centers like ours can help incorporate interactive elements and engaging activities into your gala. From photo booths and interactive displays to silent auctions and charity games, these elements encourage guests to actively participate and contribute to your fundraising efforts. By creating opportunities for interaction, you foster a sense of community and inspire guests to connect with your cause on a deeper level.

A hallmark of hosting your fundraising gala at a professional event center is the personalized service and attentiveness provided to your guests. From the moment they arrive until they depart, the venue team goes above and beyond to ensure their needs are met. Whether it's providing directions, offering assistance, or anticipating guest requirements, the dedicated staff adds an extra layer of care and hospitality, making each guest feel valued and appreciated.

We offer spacious venues that can accommodate larger audiences. With ample seating and versatile event spaces, you have the opportunity to invite more guests, expanding your fundraising potential. The increased capacity allows for a broader reach, enabling you to engage a diverse group of individuals who are passionate about your cause. By hosting at a professional event center, you can create a truly inclusive gala that maximizes attendance and fosters greater community support.

You need a platform for impactful sponsorship opportunities. With our reputation and prestigious standing, hosting an event at our venues can make it easier to attract the attention of corporate partners who are eager to align their brand with meaningful causes. 


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