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Venue Owner ROI

Want Guaranteed Income?

Offering a ‘million-dollar guarantee’ shows that our model is innovative, sustainable, and proven. If you're a venue owner, or part of a venue management group, we can offer you a decade of guaranteed income by joining our lineup of top-tier event venues across the U.S. We can step in to operate your facility and to put an extra $1,000,000 in your pocket over the next ten years.
We all know; the Wedding and Special Events market becomes more competitive and challenging each year. It's harder for an individual event venue to stand out from the crowd. At the same time, the costs of doing business continue to rise.
A partnership with Wedgewood Events offers a better way to do business. We bring proven expertise to the wedding and event industry, helping many venue owners and management groups looking for a turnkey solution to maximize facility revenue. We’re proud to have the infrastructure, expertise, and marketing power to generate demand and secure high revenue events.
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Five Advantages of Partnering with Wedgewood Events


With decades of corporate and social event experience and marketing power, Wedgewood Weddings & Events provides a name and reputation that people trust.


We host thousands of large-scale events each year. From menu design and bulk purchasing to a branded step-by-step planning binder, we have perfected the process of planning and executing weddings and every type of event.
Our event fulfillment and client satisfaction levels set the standard.


We’re listed in all major event directories. Our digital promotion activity has a proven lead generation pipeline with high conversion rates, beating industry averages.


We make a point of being available to our customers on their timeline rather than our own.


We have a team of talented, hard-working, and passionate individuals trained and ready to work with you.

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Venue Types

We’re enthusiastic about chatting with every type of event owner and management group. Broadly, the venues we manage fall into three groups: privately owned locations, free-standing venues, and municipally managed facilities. The venues we partner with are of every age and style, and they're a mix of indoor and outdoor options geographically dispersed across the county.

We’re always looking for venues that will work well with our existing facilities while also offering our clients what they desire. Whether your venue is historic, rustic, contemporary, classic, or avant-garde – we would be happy to chat about your long-term vision. 


Privately Owned Event Locations

Privately owned event locations face the challenges of rising costs and an increasingly competitive golf market. By outsourcing their food and beverage operations, our private owners and partners can rely on guaranteed income from food and beverage so that they can focus on increasing rounds and improving course conditions.

Brentwood by Wedgewood Weddings Banquet Hall
Brentwood Rise
Managed since 2010
Carmel Fields by Wedgewood Weddings Venue Building
Carmel Fields
Managed since 2011
Eagle Ridge by Wedgewood Weddings-Venue Building
Eagle Ridge
Managed since 2007
Fallbrook Estate By Wedgewood Events
Fallbrook Estate
Managed Since 2010
Galway Downs by Wedgewood Weddings
Galway Downs
Managed Since 2016
Jefferson Street Mansion by Wedgewood Weddings Birds eye view of the venue
Jefferson Street Mansion
Managed Since 2016
Palm Valley by Wedgewood Weddings (5)
Palm Valley
Managed Since 2013
9-San Ramon Waters by Wedgewood Weddings Reception Room
San Ramon Waters
Managed Since 2005
13-Sierra LaVerne by Wedgewood Weddings Banquet Room
Sierra La Verne
Managed Since 2014
Scenic Springs by Wedgewood Weddings - Banquet Room
Scenic Springs
Managed Since 2022
Stallion Mountain by Wedgewood Events - Banquet Hall
Stallion Mountain
Managed since 2014
Sterling Hills by Wedgewood Weddings, Camarillo Event Center (76)
Sterling Hills
Managed Since 2009
The Ranch at Silver Creek by Wedgewood Events
The Ranch at Silver Creek
Managed Since 2021
The Retreat By Wedgewood Weddings
The Retreat
Managed Since 2012
University Club By Wedgewood Events
University Club
Managed Since 2017
Vellano Estate by Wedgewood Weddings Venue Location
Vellano Estate
Managed since 2012

Free-Standing Event Locations

Starting in 2011, Wedgewood Events added free-standing event facility management to its portfolio. Wedgewood Events offers these locations’ extensive marketing exposure - including online promotion to boost visitor numbers. This would be difficult and expensive for an individual location to achieve on their own. Wedgewood Events’ sales and marketing expertise and unique wedding packages have helped increase both the number of events and the revenue per event at each of these facilities. Additionally, Wedgewood Events’ operational economies of scale reduce costs resulting in increased profits. This model has proven so successful that Wedgewood Events is open to the outright purchase of free-standing event venues in addition to partnerships and leases.
Aliso Viejo By Wedgewood Events
Aliso Viejo
Managed Since 2015
Ashley Ridge
Managed Since 2019
3-Black Forest by Wedgewood Weddings Venue
Black Forest
Managed Since 2016
Boulder Creek
Managed Since 2013
Boulder Ridge by Wedgewood Weddings Outdoor Firepit
Boulder Ridge
Managed Since 2018
Carlsbad Windmill Wedgewood Events-The Mill
Carlsbad Windmill
Managed since 2019
Colby Falls by Wedgewood Events Outdoor Venue
Colby Falls
Managed Since 2019
7-Evergreen Springs by Wedgewood Weddings Indoor Ceremony
Evergreen Springs
Managed since 2019
Fresno Fields by Wedgewood Events Ceremony Site
Fresno Fields
Managed Since 2011
Granite Rose
Managed Since 2018
Lindsay Grove
Managed Since 2017
Mountain View Ranch
Managed Since 2018
Ocotillo Oasis
Managed Since 2017
Sequoia Mansion by Wedgewood Events Venue building
Sequoia Mansion
Managed Since 2012
Sterling Hotel by Wedgewood Events Indoor Ceremony
Sterling Hotel
Managed Since 2014
StoneTree Estate by Wedgewood Events  Building Exterior
Stonetree Estate
Managed Since 2017
Stonebridge Manor by Wedgewood Events Brick Venue
Stonebridge Manor
Managed Since 2020
Tapestry House by Wedgewood Events -gardens
Tapestry House
Managed Since 2014
The Orchard by Wedgewood Events Gazebo on the pond
The Orchard
Managed since 2013
Union Brick by Wedgewood Weddings Reception Space
Union Brick
Managed Since 2019

Municipal Locations

Municipal locations face a unique set of operational challenges. Along with the typical pressures that come with running a successful business, managers have to work with multiple stakeholders, particularly the community itself. We have a proven track record of long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with municipalities.
Hacienda de las Flores by Wedgewood Events
Hacienda da las Flores
Managed since 2021
Log Cabin at the Presidio - Outside View from Lawn
Log Cabin at the Presidio
Managed since 2021
Redwood Canyon by Wedgewood Events Banquet Room
Redwood Canyon
Managed since 2016
Rio Hondo by Wedgewood Events Reception-2020-LeahMarie-RioHondobyWedgewoodWeddings-1
Rio Hondo
Managed Since 2020
San Clemente Shores by Wedgewood Events Reception
San Clemente Shores
Managed since 2012

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Interested in learning more?

If you have an interest in a venue, we would love to start a conversation. Tell us about how your business is performing and how you think we can help!

There are several options for a management agreement, including outright purchase and lease of the premises, partial lease, joint venture, or management contract. Each agreement is unique. We can assess your operation and demonstrate how you and your venue would benefit from a partnership with Wedgewood Events.
Our mission at Wedgewood Weddings and Events, with Z-Golf Food & Beverage Services, is to provide outstanding management for F&B and event services. As the authority on professional event venues operations, we are measured by profitability, guest happiness, ethical business practices, and landlord satisfaction.

We're recognized as the leading event and banquet operator across the U.S. We have a record of exceptional success at venues nationwide. Realizing full profitability can be achieved within thirty-six months of transitioning your operation. Our success is founded on our trademark ValSerVenience – Excellent Value, Terrific Service, and Exceptional Convenience.

Over three decades, our Z-Golf and Wedgewood Events team has perfected a formula that provides excellent service to a broad range of event and banquet clientele, while delivering a strong financial return. In early 2001, we began a successful growth program to expand our operations. The first new ventures were facilities that had previously been losing more than $100,000 per year. When we revolutionized the approach to F&B and events at these venues, everything changed! Within two years they were generating $300,000+ per year in profit. 

Having proven the concept, Prospect Partners of Chicago purchased an equity position in Z-Golf and Wedgewood Events in 2014, allowing for even further development. 

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